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Hrm… in my previous post I was happy that I can now redirect the hotlinkers to an ad-filled wrapper while still showing them the hotlinked images. Previously, I was just redirecting the hotlinkers to a 404 page which politely informed them that they were attempting to access a hotlinked image.

In practice, my site now looks less shabby. It also means that I have far fewer pageloads (about 10,000 fewer). OTOH, unique visitors has only decreased by 1000 compared to May (5000 compared to June) so theoretically, I’m just weeding out those people who pop over to see the image and then leave. No bad thing.

I think I’ll stick some links to random posts just above the hotlinked image display. You never know… a small proportion of the image viewers may convert to readers.


Written by Weefz

30 July, 2007 at 2:37 pm

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