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Milestone: I will be using WordPress

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I don’t want to use WordPress as it’s not exactly friendly to new users but the current appalling state of design documentation for Movable Type 4 has left me with no choice. I have wasted far too much time installing and uninstalling different options. I’ll get the site up and running and if it gets positive feedback I’ll look into porting it to something more suitable.

I’m making extensive use of the custom fields in WordPress, so it will probably be a nightmare to convert to any other content management system (CMS). Never mind. I want to get a hundred (fifty?) entries up as soon as possible. I shall worry about portability later.

For those who are interested, here are the advantages of WordPress, in order:

  1. I already know how it works. My other website is built on it.
  2. If I want something customised, someone else has probably already written a plugin.
  3. If there is no plugin, there’s enough documentation to figure it out myself.
  4. It’s free!
  5. Custom fields are free! (not $125-450 like the well-known Movable Type plugin)

Part of the website concept is that any user will be able to sign up and post their tips or experiences. I was initially worried about them potentially screwing up the custom layout but the Access by Category plugin should prevent that.

Things are progressing quickly now that I have chosen a CMS. Next phase is to find or write a plugin that will list comma-separated categories. The only options for wp_list_categories at the moment are showing them as list items or separated by a <br \>. See the WordPress Codex wp_list_categories documentation for more detailed info.

I also have to teach myself how to display individual custom post fields. Doesn’t look particularly difficult.

Finally, must find a plugin/option that puts posts into a moderation queue. Don’t want spammers signing up to just promote their Made for AdSense websites :P


Written by Weefz

5 September, 2007 at 3:41 pm

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