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Weekly Update 3

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Not many noticable changes this week. Cleaned up the template code, sorted out the sidebar (adbar) and removed all the development “helpers” – things like ugly orange borders around containers so that I can see why things are appearing in strange places.

Also set up the colour schemes and channels for Google AdSense – I’m using AdSense as a placeholder until the website generates enough traffic to sign up to affiliate programs and sell ads directly.

Didn’t want to do too much as WordPress 2.3 is due out today. I’d be very annoyed if I spend ages hacking something together only to find out that it’s already available out-of-the-box in 2.3. Spent enough time on that with tags, thankyouverymuch.

Hope WP2.3 does come out today. I want to get my layout up and running ASAP.


Written by Weefz

24 September, 2007 at 11:01 am

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