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Host Migration for OneServing

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I am switching hosts for OneServing. Best to get this out of the way earlier than later. The site is down at the moment until I verify that everything is working on the new host. I’ll do that tonight and then switch the DNS servers over. Everything should be peachy tomorrow.

I originally went with MediaTemple because I wanted to check out their crazy grid server thing. I did this over my better judgement – 9rules runs on MediaTemple and it is, to be blunt, one slow-ass site. I thought it might just be their setup – pulling lots of feeds and a large userbase.

Nope. MediaTemple are just slow. Managing OneServing was a lot slower and more frustrating then The Average Gamer. Maybe it was due to The Average Gamer being hosted in the UK (where I am) and OneServing being in the US. Nope, that’s not it. Check out these stats from Google Webmaster tools:

Googlebot activity in the last 90 days
Time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds):

Site Maximum Average Minimum
OneServing 4124 1351 202
The Average Gamer 897 775 638

As you can see, OneServing is generally slower and also less consistent. I’ve experienced this and it’s annoying. We don’t even have any traffic yet. I’m switching to LiquidWeb for no other reason that Dooce uses them and her site seems pretty fast and reliable.

Sure, there are probably more number-crunchy and informed ways to choose a service provider. But this one seems to work.

Edit: I use United Hosting for The Average Gamer. I’m very happy with them so far. I just don’t want all my sites hosted with the same people right now.


Written by Weefz

5 October, 2007 at 1:42 pm

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