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February 2008 Update

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Dum dee dum… Startup diary is going very badly, no? Havent posted in a while. TBH, if I have spare time at home, I tend to spend it either playing games or working on OneServing, so take the silence as a good sign.

As far as the Startup itself, OneServing is going reasonably well. It was neglected for a while but a couple of weeks ago I publically released the very simple plugin I wrote for it, hosted on WordPress.org. This meant it was listed in the Newest Plugins section of the Plugins Home for a few days, resulting in a trickle of traffic. In turn, this has scared me into spending more time on the content, rather than fucking about with the theme and so progress is being made. Also, the OneServing feed subscribers has TRIPLED to a whole 6 subscribers so there is at least a tiny amount of interest there. It’s encouraging. Especially considering that the first two subscribers were me and my sister.

And how am I? I’m good now. I had a tiny bit of a breakdown a couple of weeks ago, resulting in some crying and being sent home from work but that’s all over. Here’s the backstory:

I haven’t been happy in my job for a long time. I think it’s down to the fact that I do NOT fit our company culture. I like computers, for a start. Working on my web projects is a thousand times more fulfilling but isn’t going to pay my bills for a long time yet. Anyway, I was recommended to this new NHS information organisation and from what they say, it’s far more proactive and tech-friendly (god, I miss people who aren’t afraid of technology) and generally sounds like a good and exciting place to be. Unfortunately, I am… how can we put this? Oh yes, truly appalling at interviews.

So, I had an interview and chat with the team and I turned out to be a “Hmm.. there’s something there, BUT.” They actually told me this. Repeatedly. Along with “low score in client empathy”. No matter, they decided to give me another chance in the form of a 5 minute presentation. A week later I get the actual presentation title:

And it’s 10 minutes, not 5. And they said “You can contact to research, which I took to mean “You MUST contact for research”, as if I’m drowning in unused holiday entitlements in my job. BTW, the Acute Services Contract is a 127 page contract between two NHS parties. Truly, exciting stuff to read, especially when you’re juggling a job you hate, a one-person web startup, a video games blog, a boyfriend and attempting to build some kind of online presence. Finally, if there’s anything that scares me more than interviews, it’s presentations.

So basically, on top of worrying about all of the above, I barely slept for the entire week leading up to the presentation, which meant that the day before it, I went a bit mad.

I’m okay now. And I got the job. w00t! It’s slightly more money which means I can save a bit more to get some decent photos for OneServing, once it properly launches and the traffic turns up.

Lessons learned:

  1. A glass of port before bed can shut the voices up
  2. A total ban on email and internet checking after 10pm will prevent that all-too-common accidentally staying up ’til 1am

Written by Weefz

25 February, 2008 at 4:43 pm

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