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#OneADay 1 – Intro and Retrospective

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So, this year I’ve signed up to the One A Day creative project with a pledge to post every day in 2011. WordPress also just announced their own version, PostADay so hell, I’ll use their tag as well. I’ll be writing at least one post every day; games posts will be on The Average Gamer and referenced here. Posts on this site will be ruminations on whatever I happen to care about each day.

This will NOT become one of those fucking “I had a sammich today it was good an it had nice cheese” personal diary blogs. God, I hate those. That being said, it’s the 1st of January so yes, I’m going to start with a look back on my life over the past year. STFU. Last year was actually significant to me.

Fit The First

2010 was both the shittest and the most amazing year of my life so far. I started out the year with my life dedicted to a company with a brilliant idea and not the slightest fucking clue how to go about executing it. In total I was there for just over 2 years and every time they restructured, an extra layer of management was created. By the time I left, my 30-person department had no less than 4 different levels of manager. Incredible! Wait, no. Incredulous! That’s the word we want.

So yeah, I stuck it out because I believed with all my heart that ours was a worthy goal and because I was well paid for what I could do. No lie, between me and my boyfriend at the beginning of this year, we had a combined annual income of over £100,000. And we were miserable. I cried a lot.

Fit The Second

In July, I got my shit together and walked away. Best decision I ever made. Since then, I’ve done so many amazing things:

  • I now say “Yes” to everything that looks fun and useful but scary as hell. There’s only way to cure lack of experience.
  • I participated in London Startup Weekend and reminded myself that bureaucratic insanity was an option, not a requirement.
  • I scored “the best games industry job in the world.” I’m not really one for hyperbole but it was a pretty freaking sweet job. I went to lots of parties, I could write whatever I wanted and there were no real deadlines. Bit like running my own games blog only with actual money coming in. Pity it was a fixed-term job but I met so many amazing people, not a single one of whom has turned out to be an asshole. On the flip side…
  • I have developed a serious Twitter addiction. It’s great for keeping in touch with the aforementioned amazing people but that’s coming at the expense of actual productivity. Part of why I’ve joined #oneaday is for external motivation to get the hell off Twitter
  • I took a friend to a Thorpe Park and then discovered that he was trying to overcome a fear of rollercoasters. Hilarious! I recommend this to anyone who has a friend with a fear of heights, speed or general rollercoastery sensations (but don’t be mean. No means no.)
  • I recruited a bunch of new contributors and guest posters for The Average Gamer. Thanks Rich, Dan, Jon and Tom for volunteering.
  • I guest posted on a leading UK gadget blog and guested on a Newb Review podcast. It’s not up yet but I’ll get the link and tweet when (if) it goes live.
  • I filmed a series of games tips and tricks posts for that huge instructional video site, VideoJug. I also learned that good god, I am terrible at talking to the camera. Wouldn’t be surprised if those videos never see the light of day. Also, I sourced a lot of the tips and tricks from friends and internet since I hadn’t played the games. Integrity fail.
  • I got to be the subject of a Reddit thread that hit the front page of the games category and took down GamerPrint (love their Nuka Cola tee). Sure, I’m only referred to as “this girl” or “the other chick” but TBH, that’s probably the best sort of internet fame when it comes to certain audiences, right?

All in all, a lovely change from copy-pasting project updates between highlight report formats and being the Cassandra of a company that’s currently being wound up. 2011 will be even better for me. I will make it happen.


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1 January, 2011 at 5:25 pm

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