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#OneADay 7 – On Shit-Stirring

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Here’s a series of tweets from earlier in the week that I’m sure you’ve all heard about.

http://bit.ly/dWRNdz “but only Game Informer has them. I’ve chopped off the logos from three of them and made them RPS size”
@deanbmmv, 5th Jan

@deanbmmv Please remove those images or we’ll seek legal action.
@Andrew_Reiner, 5th Jan

@Andrew_Reiner I just linked some great RPS humour
@deanbmmv, 5th Jan

@deanbmmv Oh sorry. I thought you posted that. :)
@Andrew_Reiner, 5th Jan

Lol. editor of game informer just threatened me with legal action for linking to Rockpapershotgun :P http://bit.ly/f3a3Bj
@deanbmmv, 5th Jan

@botherer GI figure out that I’m not you? Got a tweet off their EiC threatenong legal action. Humorous for me. I’d imagine not for you.
@deanbmmv, 5th Jan

.@Andrew_Reiner just threatened a random twitter user with “LEGAL ACTION” for linking to Rock Paper Shotgun. Classy move, man. Nice one.
@MikeWehner, 5th Jan

@MikeWehner Mistakes happen. We hugged it out. Class partially restored.
@Andrew_Reiner, 5th Jan

And how does it get reported?

The cropped Tomb Raider images illustrating this article – which was essentially a long-winded link to Game Informer’s site – have been removed. This is because Game Informer – after threatening our readers on Twitter – sent us a legal threat of our very own.
John Walker, Rock Paper Shotgun, 5th Jan

Very responsible there, Walker. Technically, yes, the facts are accurate. I guess the rapid apology and admission of mistake was too boring to mention. Cue rabid foaming at the mouth from journalists and gamers on both sides (see the comments section).

God, I hope I never make a mistake on the Internet.


Written by Weefz

9 January, 2011 at 5:07 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Man, I miss out on all the excitement lately.

    People have this misguided notion that things on the Internet are copyright free. If Game Informer have exclusive images and watermark them you can’t just modify said image for your business use.

    Would RPS (or anyone else) try the same stunt with Getty Images?


    9 January, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    • As a photographer and writer, that’s pretty much my take on it.

      Yes, it’s deplorable that screenshots are exclusively given to certain publications. That doesn’t mean you can take the images, crop off the name of those who have traded to get them and then claim that you’re some sort of fucking revolutionary who should have been allowed to do so because you provided a link back to the original. But mostly, it’s the spin on the Twitter mistake that really fucks me off.

      Really, I don’t see why all the gamers’ ire goes towards the publication who got the exclusive and not the publisher who’s giving it.

      Maybe I’m just annoyed about this because games websites also seem to think it’s okay to rip quotes from an interview, add NOTHING to the story and just plonk a link on the bottom saying [Source].

      Yeah, that was from my interview.


      9 January, 2011 at 6:37 pm

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