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#OneADay 8 – Trying New Things

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About twice a year, usually during one of my fool television DVD marathons, I get struck with yet another existential crisis. I start worrying about what I’m doing with my life, why I’m not more successful, what I should be doing instead of playing games, reading books and watching TV.

This happened to me again today. I’ve been tweeting about Babylon 5, games and alcohol a lot lately and had a sudden attack of “omg, I am turning into a complete one-dimensional nerd.” So, rather than thinking this out for myself I tweeted out a question.

I think I need a non-nerd interest. Any suggestions? Preferably something that requires neither skills nor talent.

Great responses came flying in:

Laser Quest – done it. Fun with a good crowd.
Whiskey connoisseur – good suggestion but I don’t like whiskey/whisky enough to want to learn
Origami – mastered the paper crane and the ball. Everything else requires too much precision and just pisses me off when I screw it up
Knitting – tried it. Knitted a beige scarf that was 3 inches wide and about 4 feet long. No use to man nor beast
Baking – I do bake. Victoria sponge, cupcakes and choc chip cookies are my favourites :)
Running – tried it. I hate running. Also, it aggravates my sciatica :P
Sneaking up behind small children and scaring them – Um… no thanks. Angry parents are scary.
Hill walking – done a bit around Bournemouth in the past. Boooring.
Just walking – That’s not even a hobby!
Crochet – Tried a bit with my mom. It’s okay, I guess. A possibility for the future.
Learn bass guitar – done it. I played bass guitar in a high school band for 3 years :) Mostly Metallica covers.
Train weevils to gurn – lolwhut?

So, yeah. Got me thinking and you know what? I have done a LOT of stuff. In addition to the above, I’ve tried…

Playing keyboards, playing the recorder, violin lessons, choir singing, cross-stitching, basketball, netball, ball juggling, diablo (not the game), devil stick, unicycle, jewellery-making, fishing, swinging through trees, motorcycling, tarot-card reading, amateur dramatics, mountain climbing, Pilates, power-lifting, rock climbing, canopy walking (not my pics), sailing, kayaking, pool, snooker, table-tennis, faith healing (receiving, not performing), smallbore target rifle, fullbore target rifle, live stage photography (burlesque show, NSFW), clay pigeon shooting, paintballing, first-aid, snorkelling, jet-skiing, water skiing, bodyboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking (and the scars to prove why I shouldn’t do it), studio photography, Irish soft-shoe dancing, locking (dance), ceroc (dance), watercolour painting, pottery, video presenting, and podcasting.

And that’s not even covering work-related qualifications (too boring to list here) or sexual experimentation (none of your damn business).

I don’t need to try new things. I need to focus on what I’m already doing. Expect a whole bunch of posts over the next week while I catch up on One A Day.


Written by Weefz

17 January, 2011 at 3:02 am

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