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Day 11058

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Dear Diary,

Good day today. Got confirmation that I can attend a bunch of games events this week. Found out that a boy I don’t know actually likes what I’m doing on the games blog; he specifically called out that opinion piece on games rape culture. \m/

Packed Nick off to a preview, had an okay job interview (even though I think I kept staring at the interviewer’s chest/sternum piercings) and bought some nice hold-ups. Ooo, and a lovely shade of red lipstick with a gift card from Christmas. I now have 4 shades of red where only I can distinguish the difference. None of them are quite right. I may need to start blending my own.

Got lots of good luck wishes from Twitter on the job interview, even from people who normally just give me (probably jokey) crap. That was nice. I love Twitter for keeping me in touch with these people :)

Mood: 8
Pain: 3 (too much window shopping in interview clothes)

Oh, I should probably explain the pain thing. I have a “dehydrated disc” between vertebrae L5/S1. Look up “disc degeneration” if you like. It basically means that two of my vertebrae rub together whenever I’m on my feet. I had an MRI last year, they saw signs of erosion on those bones and everything. Sometimes a nerve gets trapped – those are the days you’ll see me rate it 8 or 9. Once, 6 years ago, I sneezed during a day like that and almost blacked out right there on the DLR. That was a 10.

How did it happen? No idea. The first time I had back pain was in Australia, the day after I’d been on the overnight coach from Brisbane to Sydney. Sat down on a sofa and blam! Stabbing lower back pain for days. No inital trauma that I’m aware of. My body is fun like that.


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8 March, 2011 at 12:10 am

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