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Working through how I feel about the guy on Reddit blogging his last 51 hours before exercising his right to die in Oregon. I don’t like looking at it because it feels like the worst kind of morbid rubbernecking.

Reading through the 9000+ entry comments thread, it’s lovely to see the outpouring of warmth from strangers on the internet. It feels a little cheap to me because it’s so easy to drop a little “Oh man, I’m sorry it’s come to this” on an ‘anonymous’ message board and just move on with your life. Then again, all the good luck messages for my interview yesterday really meant a lot to me. I guess not everything online needs to be an heavily planned epic missive to be important.

In other news, played Homefront and Motorstorm today. Had a chat with the “boy I don’t know” that I mentioned yesterday. Turns out I do sort of know him, but not spoken since October. Nice guy. Motorstorm looks fucking amazing on a giant screen; we were at the VUE Xtreme cinema in Westfield. Still not enamoured with 3D though. Looked blurry and choppy to me when we tried it on the TVs.

Confirmed that I am shit at both driving and first-person shooter games. Never mind, eh? Plenty of genres for the rest of us.

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Written by Weefz

9 March, 2011 at 12:04 am

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