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Day 11063

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Dear Diary,

No diary post yesterday coz I wrote the addiction comment instead and was absolutely exhausted after semi-blagging my way into a Michael Jackson: The Experience preview for the PS3 and Kinect versions.

Day 11062 Mood: 9 (Great dance game, especially on the PS3)
Pain: 1 (Seems like excitable partying and dance games are good for my back. It’s medicinal!)

Did very little today. Slept a lot, played some Kirby’s Epic Yarn and then Dragon Age 2. Never thought I’d have to take a break from playing a game because it was too cute but we did that with Kirby today. Disappointed by the entire PC interface for DA2. It’s designed almost entirely for the console, with a few elements nicked from MMOs. Lots of moaning to go in the review. Might even do a separate post dedicated to the interface.

Mood: 6
Pain: 3

Oh, my bf set up a blog yesterday! He wanted a space to write about non-gaming stuff. Go check out CaptSkyRocket’s Launch Pad.


Written by Weefz

13 March, 2011 at 12:39 am

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