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Get Back In Your Box, Women!

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Gotta love the Daily Mail spin on today’s press release about gamers based on a survey commissioned by Dorito’s.


A new study has found that women who play online games prefer their gaming sessions to taking a bath, shopping, working out – and having sex.

The survey of 2,052 people was commissioned by Doritos and found that 49 per cent of women play online games, almost matching the 50 per cent of men that game online.

Of these female online gamers, 84 per cent said they enjoy their gaming sessions, compared to just 70 per cent who enjoy sex. 62 per cent enjoy working out, 71 per cent enjoy shopping and 75 per cent enjoy having a bath.

And nearly one in five female gamers (17 per cent) admitted they play online games in bed.
James BatchelorSurvey: Women love gaming more than sex

And the Daily Mail’s interpretation. Obviously I have cherry picked quote for maximum outrage:

The study, carried out by Doritos, found that while 50 per cent of men readily admit to frequent online gaming, a surprising 49 per cent of women confess that they too are addicted to Internet games…
…Revealingly, the study showed that not only are women just as keen on gaming as men – but that the majority would rather spend time playing on their gadgets than having sex…

…Worryingly, one in five even admitted to regularly gaming in bed. And no, that is not a euphemism.

Men may shake their heads despairingly at this – after all, all but the most devoted male computer game enthusiast would down tools for a session in the marital bed – but what is perhaps more staggering is the news that female gamers would rather play online games than go shopping.

Now that really IS an addiction.
Deborah ArthursWomen play computer games just as much as men – and they prefer gaming to sex, survey reveals

If it’s more appealing than shopping, there is clearly something wrong with these women.


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15 July, 2011 at 2:59 pm

UFCPT Training Diary – Day 5

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5th day of the programme and a whole bunch of new exercises. Thankfully it was a short workout today.

Despite undereating, I’m convinced I’m getting fatter. The scales say I’m not gaining any weight but I’m sure I’m… jiggling more. Maybe I’m losing visceral fat faster than subcutaneous fat?

Maybe I’m just slowly going crazy.

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14 July, 2011 at 10:42 am

UFCPT Training Diary – Day 3

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Another day, another workout diary. I’m pretty sure that I’m getting stronger. I actually managed some almost-real press-ups today. Those are the ones where, not only am I on my toes instead of my knees, my chest hits the ground at the same time as my thighs.


In reality, I’m still sagging in the middle so my thighs collapse onto the mat half a second before my arms give way.

Here’s today’s video. Tomorrow is my first scheduled rest day. Whether or not I’ll do a video depends on how much pain I’m in and whether I feel like complaining about it.

Food log here! Jeez, that’s worse than I thought – only 1500 calories when I’m supposed to be getting at least 2300? Better starting putting butter in my protein shakes or something.

On the brewing injuries… I spent about 8 months doing proper weight-lifting in 2009-10, hence all the links to StrongLifts.com in previous posts. (Yes, you wouldn’t know it from meeting me… this is my AFTER size, put it that way.) Thankfully, I never had a major injury but I had minor tears in a couple of muscles so I’m very aware of the difference between normal muscle burn and something more severe. Right now a part of my left quad has that sharp pain that will turn into a month-long injury if I don’t rest it. My abs have something similar – you know how annoying it is when something interrupts a sneeze? Yeah, the muscle pain from the very act of sneezing interrupts my sneeze…

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12 July, 2011 at 12:56 am

UFC PT Challenge Diary – Day 2

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So, despite my being in almost-crippling pain today, UFC personal trainer wants me to do bicycle crunches, leg lifts and v-ups…

Still working on the diet. I’ve run out of cardboard-flavoured soy protein mix so have resorted to stealing my boyfriend’s vanilla-flavoured whey protein instead. Horrible, horrible stuff. Here’s a useful link for anyone else working on strength or muscle mass: Build Muscle on a Budget.

Today I’ve managed to hit my protein target but undereat by 600 calories. I’m off to make myself a raspberry Eton Mess :) For those of you who like voyeurism through numbers, here’s the breakdown of what I ate today.

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10 July, 2011 at 11:33 pm

UFC PT Challenge Diary – Day 1

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I am going to suffer a lot of pain in July.

I joined THQ and MCV’s Ultimate Fighting Championship Personal Trainer fitness challenge last week. Approximately 40 gamers have signed up, competing to win a trip to Vegas and £1000 spending money. THQ have kindly set up a Twitter list – ufcptchallenge – where we can watch the boys alternately smack-talking each other and moaning about their muscles.

I’ve also decided to dabble in video. Here’s a diary I made yesterday.

The numbers again:

Height: 168cm
Weight: 58.8kg
Body fat: 22.9%
Muscle mass: 36.3%

You’ve obviously noticed from the video that I’m disappointed with the accuracy of the game’s motion detection (2:30 if you couldn’t be bothered to watch me wittering at my webcam). It’s incredibly easy to rack up false information, rendering the entire stats tracking system useless. Still, the game is great for training inspiration. I’m doing the 30-day strength challenge to build up muscle mass and it’s started me off with a huge workout – 19 exercises, mostly focused on lower body. The only parts of me that don’t ache are my forearms and my calves. Wouldn’t surprise me if today’s workout finishes those off.

The flip side to gaining muscle mass is to improve your diet. Mine is appalling. Here’s what I ate yesterday.

My calorie breakdown, UFC PT challenge day 1

The amount of calories I need each day to just keep living is around the 1,400 mark. According to FitDay, my mostly-seated lifestyle means I should be eating around 2,300 calories to maintain my current weight. For a proper muscle-building routine, you want at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight which translates to at least 130 grams per day for me. Even with the biltong snack and protein shake, I only managed 111 grams yesterday.

It’s time to step up. MEEEAAAAAAT!

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10 July, 2011 at 1:52 pm