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UFCPT Training Diary – Day 3

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Another day, another workout diary. I’m pretty sure that I’m getting stronger. I actually managed some almost-real press-ups today. Those are the ones where, not only am I on my toes instead of my knees, my chest hits the ground at the same time as my thighs.


In reality, I’m still sagging in the middle so my thighs collapse onto the mat half a second before my arms give way.

Here’s today’s video. Tomorrow is my first scheduled rest day. Whether or not I’ll do a video depends on how much pain I’m in and whether I feel like complaining about it.

Food log here! Jeez, that’s worse than I thought – only 1500 calories when I’m supposed to be getting at least 2300? Better starting putting butter in my protein shakes or something.

On the brewing injuries… I spent about 8 months doing proper weight-lifting in 2009-10, hence all the links to StrongLifts.com in previous posts. (Yes, you wouldn’t know it from meeting me… this is my AFTER size, put it that way.) Thankfully, I never had a major injury but I had minor tears in a couple of muscles so I’m very aware of the difference between normal muscle burn and something more severe. Right now a part of my left quad has that sharp pain that will turn into a month-long injury if I don’t rest it. My abs have something similar – you know how annoying it is when something interrupts a sneeze? Yeah, the muscle pain from the very act of sneezing interrupts my sneeze…


Written by Weefz

12 July, 2011 at 12:56 am

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