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Things That Made Me Cry

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I don’t cry much at entertainment. Sometimes I wonder if it’s me that’s broken. I remember way back in the late 90s, virtually everyone I know was talking about how they sobbed their eyes out at the end of Titanic. I was just annoyed that he slipped away OFF-SCREEN, what the hell?

Here are the few things have made me cry. Not prickling or welling up but actual tears escaping.


Volcano. Shut up. It was just that one scene where a  fireman jumps out of a train carriage. You’ll know it if you’ve seen it.
Up. This whole film was just very sad. I have no desire to ever see it again.
Toy Story 3. Doesn’t anyone else feel sad for poor Lotso? He just needed some love.
Nothing. Not even the end of Buffy Season 2.


There’s one song absolutely guaranteed to make me cry. I’m not going to name it here because one of you fuckers will probably think it’s funny to play it at me and then I will be forced to break your nose.


None. Many book are emotional – The Deed of Paksenarrion series has some particularly horrifying moments but I’ve never empathised enough to cry.

Mass Effect 2: Overlord

I’ve heard a lot of talk about people openly weeping at Mass Effect 3. We’ll see…

Update: Nope.


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14 March, 2012 at 2:00 pm

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  1. […] care about the choices they make in these games. I never reached this point in Mass Effect 3. I rarely cry at any kind of media but the first game to actually wring tears from my cold, dead soul was the Overlord add-on to Mass […]

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